Going Through A Divorce? Here’s 5 Things To Keep In Mind


A divorce is a long, involved and often painful process. While a good family lawyer Toronto can assist greatly in this process, there is just no avoiding the pain that comes with the dissolution of such a key and important relationship. If you are in the process of getting a divorce, here are 5 key things to keep in mind.

1) Know the difference between a family lawyer and a divorce lawyer

When two people decide to get a divorce, it becomes infinitely more complicated when there are children involved. For that reason, there are attorneys who specialize in family law that can help you navigate the complexities of visitation rights, child support, trusts, inheritances and other legal and financial matters involving children and even grown offspring. Even if you do not have children, but your spouse does, it may still be a good idea to work with a family lawyer rather than a divorce lawyer.

2) Divorces are often two steps forward, one step back

Divorces are rarely a straight shot from start to finish. Many divorces involve long pauses and hiatuses where divorce proceedings can be put on a shelf indefinitely. This is not a bad thing. Sometimes when couples start to see the realities of the complications of divorce they decide it’s actually less effort to work out their problems than get a divorce. Other times, couples think working out their issues is the better solution only to discover their differences really are irreconcilable and divorce really is the only solution. Don’t be afraid to take the time you need to make sure that when and if you do have a final divorce, it really is the right and best thing for you.

3) Let your attorney do his job

Divorces are, by nature, highly emotional proceedings. That’s what you have an attorney for. Let them do their job and set yourself free to start the process of healing.

4) As much as possible, keep your children out of the process

Remember that you chose your spouse, your children didn’t. Do your best to shoulder the pain of dissolving your relationship with your spouse on your own. Get a therapist, build a close network of friends or talk to other adult family members, but as much as possible, do not “unload” on your children.

5) Give yourself the freedom and space to grieve

A divorce is essentially the death of a relationship and as with other forms of death, it is quite natural to grieve. It would be inhuman, in fact, to not grieve. Give yourself the time, space and grace to do that. Don’t allow even the most well-meaning of people to pressure you into “getting back up on the horse” until you are good and ready.

There is no way around the fact that getting a divorce is painful, but there are certainly more healthy and less healthy ways of going through it. Having a good divorce or family lawyer by your side can definitely help ease at least a portion of that pain.

Debt Collection and Commercial Litigation Lawyers: The True Workers

Commercial Litigation
Statistics show that most debt collectors will settle, but having an advocate at the table will ensure that a fair settlement is reached. This is where a debt collection lawyer is essential to success for both sides. The same can be said for commercial litigation lawyers. While these attorneys fight for the rights and an outcome that suffices for all parties involved, the work they put forth is not always seen, much less recognized.

Yes, they are being paid by either a company or an individual to comes to shared terms, but they are also putting forth full effort in doing so. They are filing the paperwork, making the phone calls, and deciphering the path of least resistance.

Debt Collection Lawyers
These professionals are not the enemy. They work tirelessly to retain their clients’ debt through the best means for everyone party involved. The debt collection lawyer not only takes on the responsibility to garner their clients’ owed money, but they are also responsible for urging the debtor to come to a compromise. Settlements are rarely clean cut and straight forward. The economy has heightened the load on their backs. Whether working for an individual to consolidate years of debt and quiet their phones or representing a company to regenerate income, it is the lawyer’s responsibility. It is on their shoulders to do their best and fairest for all.

Commercial Litigation Lawyers
Commercial litigation lawyers not only deal with individuals that owe a company debt but they also deal with business disputes about money. Settlements are always the preferred outcome and lawyers make every attempt. It is their responsibility to handle both sides in reaching that compromise. These professionals handle real estate issues,breaches of contract,employment disputes, etc.  Visit plus120days.com for more information.

Going at it Alone
Why would you wish to? The mere paperwork involved is enough to drive a person mad. Then the constant phone calls, threats, and frustrations. Whether debtor or debtee, there is no reason to face litigation alone. These men and women were trained to assist people and retain their sanity.

While both debt collection lawyers and commercial litigation lawyers are meant to take care of ‘business’, but they are also there to relieve the stress, energy, and money leakage from their clients by taking it upon themselves. The word lawyer is often used negatively, however, they are the who takes on the over-sized load of litigation and settlements. They are who must sleep at night knowing they put forth the effort they were paid to put forth.